The Manual



— Move furniture to the center of the room and drape.

— Remove anything hanging on the walls, placing out of the way for safekeeping.


    — Vacuum or dust the baseboards and moldings and don’t forget to clean any dusty ceiling corners.

    — Wipe the walls down with a water-damp rag. A quick once-over will do. (This is optional, but we seriously recommend it.) 


    — Apply spackling to nail holes and let dry.

    — #Protip: Sand over dried spackle and any blemishes on the wall to smooth the surface, wiping again to remove any sanding dust.


     Start in a corner and take your time. Tear off a tape strip about two feet long. Set it down lightly. Overlap your tape generously about an inch to make sure paint doesn’t seep through.

     Seal the tape tightly with your finger or a putty knife to ensure it’s sealed to the wall.

     #Protip: don’t tape the ceiling. 


     Put down Backdrop drop cloth. Now you’re ready to rock.

    The Manual