Color Consultation

We believe you're the best person to choose your new backdrop. But sometimes we all need an extra hand, so we're here with personalized color recommendations from members of the Backdrop team.

A living room wall with a built in shelf painted white
Two people sitting in green chairs facing away, towards a painted green wall

Personalized recommendations for your new backdrop.

Our team of color experts are here to help.

A lit lamp on a nightstand in a dark bedroom in front of a wall painted with SENTIMENTAL REASONS

Email Consultation

  • Personalized recommendation from the Backdrop team

  • Initial email recommendations within 2 business days

  • Great for guidance on a single room project

  • Get 3 free 12"x12" color samples

Other Useful Backdrop Tools

We're also here with other useful tools to help you along, including The Gallery with real paint in real spaces, The Calculator to make sure you have the right amount of paint and supplies, and The Manual with How Tos.

See real people in real spaces with real paint.

Calculate how much paint and supplies you need.

Man in a dark blue jumpsuit holding a roller brush crouching in front of a painted wall

All the pro tips and tricks you need to paint your space

Fast shipping, easy returns.