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Neutral primer creates a base undercoat for maximum paint coverage


Backdrop Primer

Primer is helpful in a few specific circumstances to maximize the hide and coverage of your paint. If you are painting over excessively glossy paint, if your walls have stains or damage, or sometimes if you're making a drastic color change such as light over dark, a primer coat can be really helpful.

Low Odor
Easy Wash
Applies Easily
Green Certified

The Specs

Our premium water-based Primer coating is optimized for easy application, ultra-low odor, and quick drying times. In the cases where Primer is needed, our Primer will give you maximum coverage.

Dry Time: 60 min to touch, 3-4 hrs to recoat
Sheen: 6% Sheen Level
Greenwise Certified
Backdrop is a Climate Neutral Certified Company

The Reviews

Backdrop is exactly what I needed. I absolutely loved my experience with Backdrop!

Danielle, Kansas City, MO

I am so incredibly happy with the quality of Backdrop paint. The colors are gorgeous, it goes on smooth, love IT.

Kirsten, St. Louis, MO

I love backdrop paint, the quality is great and the color selection is unparalleled. If you want your room to look like something out of a Pinterest or Instagram post use backdrop! I even used the leftover paint after painting the accent wall and I painted my side table to match. I slept in my room the same day it was truly low odor.

Madeline, Houston, TX

From the first brushstroke, we fell in love with this paint color. The primer was easy to use and covered our red walls with ease. Our living room is so cozy and we just can't get enough of how Surf camp looks in all the different lighting throughout the day.

Jessica, Chapel Hill, TN

I hate picking out paint - too many colors, subtle differences - and I can never make up my mind. Backdrop has an excellent, but limited selection. I ordered 6 samples, which arrived quickly, made my choice, ordered the primer, paint, and essentials kit - had it all within a week.


Overall rating 5.00

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