Backdrop x Dunkin logos

We made these limited-edition paint colors with our friends at Dunkin'®. Two fun, iconic pops of color for your walls (or anything that needs a pick-me-up). We only made a few, get yours here.

Dunkin'® Pink
Dunkin® Pink - Paint can on a bed of sprinkles
Paint cans next to a stack of donuts on top of two donut boxes
Dunkin® Pink dry roll
Dunkin® Pink dry roll


Bright pink

The bold pink your walls have been craving.


Bright orange

The iconic orange your walls have been waiting for.

A stack of Dunkin® Orange paint cans
Dunkin'® Orange paint can
Dunkin'®  Orange paint can on a bed of colorful sprinkles
Dunkin'® Orange and Dunkin'® Pink paint cans next to a coffee cup on top of boxes of donuts
Dunkin'® Orange painted on a wall
A corner wall painted with Dunkin'® Orange
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