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Light acid-yellow

The Paint


All hail the disco nap. A dirty pastel, acid yellow of your dreams.

Low Odor
Easy Wash
Applies Easily
Green Certified

Adhesive Sample Swatches

Our large 12"x12'' adhesive samples save you time, money, and trips to the hardware store. No tiny color cards. No messy, expensive sample pots.

A person placing an adhesive sample swatch on a wall
A person with hands in front of their face, with one palm covered in paint

The Specs

Our premium Cabinet & Door paint in semi-gloss finish is made with a water-borne alkyd, optimized for durability on these surfaces that get a bit more wear while maintaining our high environmental standards. The Cabinet & Door paint is optimized for easy application and results in a smooth uniform finish and is ultra-low odor and highly pigmented.

Dry Time: 2-4 hours to touch, 6-8 hrs to recoat
Sheen: 30% Sheen Level
Greenwise Certified
Backdrop is a Climate Neutral Certified Company

The Reviews

This was my second go with Backdrop. I painted my bedroom earlier this year and loved the quality of the paint so I decided to try the cabinet finish on a piece of furniture. Disco Nap is a great color for accents but also is mellow enough for an entire space. Love!

Olivia, Ferndale, WA

Overall rating 5.00

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