The Essentials Kit

The Essentials Kit

We suggest one kit per painter. You save $15 by buying these items together.

1 Brush
2 Large Roller Covers
1 Small Roller Cover
1 Large Roller Handle
1 Small Roller Handle
1 Tray
3 Tray Inserts
1 Roll Tape
The Essentials Kit
A person holding the contents of The Essentials Kit and two cans of paint


The Essentials

Our 11-piece essentials kit is a curated selection of the highest-quality tools designed to give you everything you need to get started. We recommend one kit per person.

Save $15 on supplies with our 11-piece Essentials Kit.

Premium Quality
All the Essentials
Saves you $15

Super easy to paint, goes on beautifully. Barely needed a second coat

savannh, Washington, DC

I'm thoroughly impressed with my experience with Backdrop, start to finish. The site is well-designed, clean, and easy to navigate - makes for a 5-star user experience. I'm a first-time painter, and the streamlined experience, well-balanced number of options, and check-out experience rivaled those of other sites I'd browsed. The paint and supplies arrived very quickly, and the instructions and packaging were clear and easy to unbox and follow. I love the color so far - it was cloudy today so I'm looking forward to seeing the color on a sunny day as well. Well done Backdrop. Best-in-class web, ordering, and first-time painting experience!

Julia, New York, NY

Absolutely Amazing. Everything about this was perfect - we received everything we needed to paint our bedroom with the Essentials Kit, which made the process super easy. AND THE COLOR!!! What an absolutely beautiful color, couldn't have asked for better.

Fernanda, Miami, FL

The color is as advertised and the coverage was great.

Katherine, Nashville, TN

Happy customer! Love the products and the service!

Angela, Minneapolis, MN

Overall rating 5.00

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