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Deep green

The Paint


Deep, dark green with yellow and tan undertones.

Low Odor
Easy Wash
Applies Easily
Green Certified

Adhesive Sample Swatches

Our large 12"x12'' adhesive samples save you time, money, and trips to the hardware store. No tiny color cards. No messy, expensive sample pots.

A person placing an adhesive sample swatch on a wall
A person with hands in front of their face, with one palm covered in paint

The Specs

Our premium interior water-based paint in Semi-Gloss Finish has just enough gloss to maximize durability, without an offensive shine. Semi-Gloss Finish is made with an acrylic resin for maximum durability and optimized for self-priming, easy application, ultra-low odor, high pigmentation, quick drying times, and superior coverage.

Dry Time: 60 min to touch, 3-4 hrs to recoat
Sheen: 30% Sheen Level
Greenwise Certified
Backdrop is a Climate Neutral Certified Company

The Reviews

Such a gorgeous color and went on smoothly. Two coats later my living room is transformed!

Nicole, New Bern, NC

We weren’t sure if Lawn Party would be the best green, but it is perfect! It is a deep, rich green with the perfect balance between yellow and blue.

Katie, Atlanta, GA

I like this company. The packaging is cute (and eco-friendly) and they throw in nice touches, like paint stirrers and cleanup cloths. The paint goes on well, although I noticed it already chipped on my drawer, but it’s possible I didn’t sand it well enough. Not sure how it goes on walls yet, but the primer I’d bought went on well. No smell, either. I forgot to open a window and didn’t die!! The colors look great, too. Sometimes, I have to work to get the twist lid off, so I try to remember to wipe off the excess paint before screwing back on the lid.

Kelsey, Tysons, VA

At first I wasn’t sure about the color in person the paint was not drippy at all and went on well. We love the color and have gotten rave reviews via internet

Dana, Beacon, NY

five stars

Aurielle, Brooklyn, NY

Overall rating 5.00

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