For those hard to reach spots, our durable paint pail makes cutting in and painting trim easier.

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love, love, love everything about the color. this is the second room in my house that is now covered in backdrop paint and i’m still very pleased with the whole experience. highly recommend.

jensen, San Francisco, CA

I ordered samples and loved the color. I painted my kitchen Harvest moon and my cabinets morning ritual. I loved how it turned out. The paint was great quality. All the supplies were super high quality. I loved having it all arrive at my door and able to start painting right away.

Anne Marie, Seattle, WA

Backdrop made this project really easy for an amateur painter like me!!! I’m so thankful. I had felt overwhelmed for years with tiny paint swatches and samples. By being able to order large sized stick and peel samples, I was quickly able to choose the perfect color for my bathroom. I went with Harvest Moon. I feel like Backdrop had someone exactly like me in mind when they designed their whole process, I will definitely be ordering from Backdrop again.

Amy, Glen Allen, VA

It was so easy and painless to paint our bedroom wall in Brooklyn. You don't get stressed about looking through 10 thousand different shades of colors. We liked the sample so we decided to paint our accent wall and then just order the paint with all the tools. It arrived quickly and the whole process was "dumby" proof for a first time interior painter like myself.

Greg, Brooklyn, NY

beautiful color and excellent paint quality. I love how backdrop's website and content make it easy to envision the color in your space, and the paint is always true to expectations. love the design of the can with the screw top, as well as the biodegradable packaging and fast delivery.

Erin, Weymouth, MA

Overall rating 5.00

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