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The Reviews

We absolutely love the paint color. Our first experience with Backdrop exceeded expectations.

Elizabeth, Milford, OH

We loved the Backdrop paint selections - just the right number of perfectly curated colors! The samples were easy to use and a great size so that you could really tell what the color would look like. Even in the face of COVID-19, everything shipped quickly and we were painting just a few days after we made our color selection. The quality of the paint was great and it went on easily with great coverage.

Mariruth, Pittsburgh, PA

Love the big, moveable sample! Paint went on easily and looks good and true to sample. 1st time customer and already ordered a sample for another room!

Rebecca, Glen Ridge, NJ

Easiest/best painting experience ever. I’ve lived in my apartment for two years and always fantasized about painting. On an impulse I purchased 36 Hours in Marrakech (+ all supplies) on a Tuesday evening. By Thursday afternoon it had arrived, and by Thursday night I was already done painting (all edges plus two coats!).

Emily, San Francisco, CA

I picked Ghost Ranch and Formentera for a project and the colors are*so* rich and gorgeous. The shipping was incredibly quick. The items were packed well. The design of the paint cans is superb to normal paint cans. The Backdrop branding is really slick. I really liked the big paint swatches, too.

Krystina, Milwaukee, WI

Overall rating 5.00

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