Premium painter's tape provides a perfect finish with crisp, clean lines. With Backdrop tape, quality will never be an issue.

The Reviews

Paint arrived very quickly. Just the right color for our project and really lets the white kitchen cabinets stand out as well as the bright football table we have in the dining nook. Very low odor.

Lucinda, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The color is perfect!

Kiera, Queens, NY

The color is just beautiful. My room is painted to be a very light but not cold atmosphere and this color did it. It was easy to work with and smell kinda good. And they partner with IRC which is a huge plus.

Feipu, Lincoln, NE

Beyond impressed with backdrop. The paint was beautiful, dried quickly, easy to clean, all around great experience.

jennifer, Milton, WA

Backdrop is the best! We've been so happy with all of the colors, quality, supplies and process.

Wes, Portland, OR

Overall rating 5.00

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