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Deep magenta red


Ruby Star holds a significant place in Porsche's history, dating back to 1991 when it appeared on models like the Porsche 911, 928, and 944. This rare and iconic color has become synonymous with Porsche, known for its distinct, bold, and joyous deep magenta red hue. Originally named Rubystone Red, it was later renamed Ruby Star, adding to its allure. Its vibrant and eye-catching appearance makes it a favorite among Porsche collectors and enthusiasts, further solidifying its iconic status.  Porsche paint purchases include a limited edition coordinating-color keychain (one per color per order).  Find out more about the partnership.

The Specs

Our premium interior water-based paint in Standard Finish is a highly desirable low-sheen, durable semi-matte. Standard Finish is made with an acrylic resin for maximum durability and optimized for self-priming, easy application, ultra-low odor, high pigmentation, quick drying times, and superior coverage.

Dry Time:
60 min to touch, 3-4 hrs to recoat
~400 SQ FT
6% Sheen Level
High Durability, Low Odor, Low VOC, Green Wise Certified, Applies Easily, Washable
Paint Type:
Deep magenta red
Backdrop is a Climate Neutral Certified Company
The Sample

Our large 12"x12'' adhesive samples save you time, money, and trips to the hardware store. No tiny color cards. No messy, expensive sample pots.

The Reviews

The paint arrived within 2 days, which was unexpectedly fast. And when it arrived, it had a wonderful keychain on it which I wasn't expecting. The paint itself appears to be a very high quality and I can't wait to paint the wall behind my rubystar car in rubystar paint!

Daryl, Sherman Oaks, CA

Overall rating 5.00

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