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Neutral primer creates a base undercoat for maximum paint coverage

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Primer is helpful in a few specific circumstances to maximize the hide and coverage of your paint. If you are painting over excessively glossy paint, if your walls have stains or damage, or sometimes if you're making a drastic color change such as light over dark, a primer coat can be really helpful.

low odoreasy washlow vocapplies easilygreen certified

The Specs

Our premium water-based Primer coating is optimized for easy application, ultra-low odor, and quick drying times. In the cases where Primer is needed, our Primer will give you maximum coverage. More Details

Dry Time: 60 min to touch, 3-4 hrs to recoat Coverage: ~400 sq ft Sheen: 6% sheen level Greenwise Certified Backdrop is a Climate Neutral Certified Company

Primer - Safety & Detail

Always carefully read the instructions contained on the product labels before using any of our products. OSHA requires that chemical product manufacturers provide safety data sheets (SDS) which detail a product’s physical and chemical characteristics, potential hazards, precautions for safe handling and use, first-aid, accidental spill measures and regulatory information. Download our SDS below. Technical data sheets (TDS) summarize product specifications, properties and other technical characteristics of our paint along with other important product information. Download our TDS below. WARNING Cancer and / or reproductive harm – LEAD & ASBESTOS Our paint does not contain lead. Lead-based paints were banned by the Federal government from consumer use in 1978. If you live in a pre-1978 home, there is a possibility your home could contain lead-based paint or asbestos. Exposure to lead or asbestos can be very hazardous to your health. Scraping or sanding surfaces of older buildings (especially pre-1978) may release dust containing lead or asbestos. Always wear personal protective equipment while sanding and washing these surfaces. For more information, call EPA’s National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD, contact your state or local Health Department.

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