Smooth any uneven patches before you paint for a perfect finish.

The Reviews

First off, the ordering experience is SO nice. It felt easy and simple and like I wasn't getting upsold. It was very helpful to have Backdrop suggest painting materials that I would actually need-- and I did. That was awesome. The paint itself - WOW. I'm sold. For life. Never using a bucket of paint from the store again. No headache, no bad smells after it dried, and it looks SO smooth and well-done. Holy cow. I loved the fact that it was shipped to us, and I didn't have to go into a store and wait 45 minutes while a gallon was mixed.

Chase, San Diego, CA

It all started with a light fixture, which then led to needing to purchase new furniture for the space and updated colors for the walls. We went with the Formentera for the living room and needed a color that would compliment that and work well with the new look we were going for....Italian Plaster was that color. We love it!

Grant, Pell City, AL

I had an absolutely perfect experience with Backdrop. The colors are spectacular. The coverage was great. The ordering and shipping experience was perfect.

Robert, Washington, D.C., DC

Great quality paint, can is much easier to pour than basic gallon design that everyone else uses- much less mess! We’ve used three different colors and all are even better in person.

Layne, Minneapolis, MN

As always, great product that ships fast and with everything you need. I ordered this color and kit for my son's room update and he loves the color and the feel of his room now. Low odor and super easy to apply.

Catherine, Virginia Beach, VA

Overall rating 5.00

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