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Light, neutral green-yellow


ROCOCO a light pistachio green that is a playful waltz for your walls. A color that gleefully dances on the edge of reality and imagination, a color so light, it flirts with the heavens. It whispers secrets of a hidden garden where lemon chiffon clouds and fresh spring leaves. This light, neutral green-yellow is an ode to the enchanting world of Rococo, where opulence knew no bounds. It's as if nature itself conspired to create a hue that embodies the hyperbolic artistry of the era.

Swing into Fragonard’s bucolic scenery with ROCOCO.

The Specs

Our premium Cabinet & Door paint in semi-gloss finish is made with a water-borne alkyd, optimized for durability on these surfaces that get a bit more wear while maintaining our high environmental standards. The Cabinet & Door paint is optimized for easy application and results in a smooth uniform finish and is ultra-low odor and highly pigmented.

Dry Time:
2-4 hours to touch, 6-8 hrs to recoat
~400 SQ FT
30% Sheen Level
High Durability, Low Odor, Low VOC, Green Wise Certified, Applies Easily, Washable
Paint Type:
Light, neutral green-yellow
Backdrop is a Climate Neutral Certified Company
The Sample

The new way to sample paint without the waste or the mess. Our premium 12"x12" adhesive swatches are an exact color match that stick and re-stick.

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