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Dark blue with green undertones

The Paint


The very first color we developed and one of our favorites. A dark blue with green undertones, it lends a cool and laid back feeling to any space.

Low Odor
Easy Wash
Applies Easily
Green Certified

Adhesive Sample Swatches

Our large 12"x12'' adhesive samples save you time, money, and trips to the hardware store. No tiny color cards. No messy, expensive sample pots.

A person placing an adhesive sample swatch on a wall
A person with hands in front of their face, with one palm covered in paint

The Specs

Our premium exterior water-based paint in Standard Finish is a durable semi-matte perfect for most exterior body surfaces. Standard Finish is made with an acrylic resin for maximum durability and optimized for self-priming, easy application, ultra-low odor, high pigmentation, quick drying times, and superior coverage. Our exterior formulation is built to withstand the harshest outside conditions including weather and humidity, as well as direct sunshine.

Dry Time: 60 min to touch, 3-4 hrs to recoat
Sheen: 6% Sheen Level
Greenwise Certified
Backdrop is a Climate Neutral Certified Company

The Reviews

I love the colors, high quality product and the amount ordered through the calculator was perfect!!

Kendall, Franklin, TN

Where to start with this Kansas City team? Patricia, Kendrick and Alex have blown away the expectations of a paint contractor - I hate to even put them in that category at all. From the bid to the final walk through, they demonstrated care, attention to detail, answered all of my (many) questions, provided helpful suggestions, and were flexible both in the design process as well as when my house presented a number of unforeseen challenges (soffits for days; deep chippy paint requiring 5+ skim coats). I could talk more about the fact that they're a professional team with years of experience outside of Backdrop, that they communicate well (timely, pertinently) both in person and electronically, that they delivered exceptional results -- but it's the fact that they care about the work they're doing - Kendrick said he feels like his 'name' is going on the side of the house - and the fact that they want to support and maintain the integrity of our 1909 home while helping it fit our style... that's what makes them unique. I was blown away by the amount of prep work, the methodical process, and their openness to talking about the progress, next steps, and covering all the tangential requests I had along the way. I felt like I could ask them anything and they were more than happy to either incorporate a reasonable request help explain the rationale behind the work. Finally a personable team of professionals that do more and care about more than just their trade. We thoroughly enjoyed having them around the house for the weeks that they were working on our house and investing in our home. We consider them friends and our 2 year old misses them :). Patricia has tons of great ideas and experience and was instrumental in giving us the confidence to go with our color choice, simplify the color scheme and ultimately, she delivered the big picture, managed the project, and contributed numerous hours on the ladder making the work happen. When it comes to work, Kendrick got the Costco pack of Energizer bunny batteries. I think he worked 8 days in a row in 90+ degree heat to bust out progress on our house. He has an eye for precision and an exceptional work ethic. This is the guy you want painting your house. I can't speak more highly of him. Alex has a wide range of skills from his experience in remodeling, etc. that allowed him to handle any requests or ideas we threw at them. We had decorative windows on our 3rd floor and Alex went above and beyond in the removal, prep, some repair, and replacement onto the house. He also went the extra mile around a number of utilities on the side of our house and ensured that the wires, A/C lines, boxes, etc. were all in a good spot to be painted. While the entire team is extremely customer-service oriented, Alex really exemplifies the company's desire to make things right, leave us with work that we're happy with, and maximize our investment in our home. Thank you to the KC Backdrop team for all of your hard work. We love our home.

Hurley, Kansas City, MO

Our exterior paint job went great. The crew had to work around weather and a shutdown, but communication was kept open. The colors are stunning and the custom work they did was great.

Blue, Kansas City, MO

Overall rating 5.00

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