Premium 3/8" roller cover holds and delivers more paint to the wall for faster application. Designed to use with Backdrop paint for the smoothest finish.

The Reviews

Excellent experience, would buy again. I'm a huge fan of this brand. I bought five paint colors and the essentials kit. The product quality was top-notch and I enjoyed how thoughtfully everything was packaged together. It made painting super easy.

Angeleena, Addison, TX

This is my go-to brand of paint. As I go through my house renovating each room, I have no question which brand I will go to when it comes to picking out paint. Supermoon in particular is a clean and true white; it immediately livens up an area and makes the textiles in my home stand out. It covers the builder grade pinkish white that came with the house nicely, in one coat, and without smelling strongly. If I paint a room in the morning with backdrop, I can sleep in that same room that night. I also love the quality of the brushes and rollers, they rinse out just fine and roll on well. I only find myself restocking when I've used one roller for a large project or when I'm switching pain colors. Also love that backdrop supports the IRC.

Rychele, Jacksonville, FL

Even with a dark color on new construction white walls, 2 coats was all we needed and our walls breathe new life into our home. I'm looking forward to the next painting project... it was way easier than I anticipated. Side note: I would love it if the bottom of the cans were raised up so the cans stack a little better for storage (just enough to accomodate the handle height). With kids and pups, it's great to have some touch up paint around, but in a tiny row home, storage is king.

Rebecca, Philadelphia, PA

five stars

Kelly, Salt Lake City, UT

Backdrop is the best! We've been so happy with all of the colors, quality, supplies and process.

Wes, Portland, OR

Overall rating 5.00

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