Premium 3/8" roller cover holds and delivers more paint to the wall for faster application. Designed to use with Backdrop paint for the smoothest finish.

The Reviews

The paint is beautiful. I've painted a lot of rooms in a lot of houses. Backdrop has made this process infinitely more enjoyable. I feel like a huge dork, but I can't deny my genuine love for this company. The care they've put into every aspect of each product is impressive.

Anastasia, Pawlet, VT

Paint is such a beautiful color. The coverage of the paint is great, goes on so smooth and easy. Will definitely be buying more of these paints and supplies.

Courtney, Tucson, AZ

This is going to be how I paint going forward. Swatches were spot on and large enough to get a real feel for the color. All materials: drop cloth, roller, and paint were of excellent quality. I love the rectangular container. And on top of it all it arrived promptly and was packed effectively. I will absolutely order again.

Nicole, Fort Collins , CO

Surprised how well the stick on swatch reflected the actual paint color. Great coverage. Little to no smell. Great packaging design.

Leigh, Austin, TX

I initially was going to just use Backdrop for accent walls in my new home. I ended up using it for every single interior wall. The colors are beautiful, and we were so happy with the quality of the paint. In fact, I over-ordered gallons thinking I would need more for coverage, but was delighted that I didn't end up needing them in the end. This is a really nice product and worth the investment.

Karolina, Seattle, WA

Overall rating 5.00

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