Heavy-duty tray liners that double as tray covers to keep your roller and paint fresh.

The Reviews

This was my first time trying the spackle and sandpaper kit - and it worked out great! Painted right over it and you could never tell there were any holes there. I was particularly impressed with the fact that I could hardly smell any fumes from the Morning Ritual paint. I painted my bedroom, so I was a little concerned the fumes would linger for a while, but the little fumes I smelled dissipated by the end of the day. You have a lifer in me.

Casey, Phoenix, AZ

High quality products (both paint and supplies. The paint was high quality, medium coverage and low odor. Will order again and recommend!

Mary, Chantilly, VA

I had an absolutely perfect experience with Backdrop. The colors are spectacular. The coverage was great. The ordering and shipping experience was perfect.

Robert, Washington, D.C., DC

The paint is beautiful. I've painted a lot of rooms in a lot of houses. Backdrop has made this process infinitely more enjoyable. I feel like a huge dork, but I can't deny my genuine love for this company. The care they've put into every aspect of each product is impressive.

Anastasia, Pawlet, VT

I have used Backdrop several times now; in my current apartment and now in the new one I'm moving to! The color always goes on flawlessly and 2 coats is perfect - and the color is exact to the samples.

Rose, Astoria, NY

Overall rating 5.00

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