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5 tips for How to Paint a Room Fast

Whether you’re moving into a new home or wanting to freshen up an existing space, painting can be one of the simplest ways to elevate the world around you. Though a lot of people are intimidated by this simple renovation, it’s actually really, dare we say, easy if you know a few basic things. Here are our top 5 tips to the best way to paint a room. 

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    Take your time prepping.

    Before you apply your first coat, it’s crucial that all surfaces are inspected for cracks, holes, dents or other imperfections. Using Backdrop’s spackle and sandpaper kit, fill any fissures with spackle, sand down the excess after it’s completely dried, then wipe away any debris with a damp cloth.

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    Invest in your supplies. Backdrop co-founder, Natalie Ebel, proposes that you think of paint as you would makeup: “The higher quality your brushes and tools, the better it will look.” Premium brushes and roller covers improve coverage so that you don't waste time and paint on re-application. Likewise, high-end painter's tape and canvas drop cloths will ensure that your paint won’t stray into uncharted territory. We recommend that every painter has their own set of tools. 

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    Prime! Primer isn’t necessary in every painting situation, but it can’t hurt. However, if your surface is porous, such as new drywall or unstained wood, glossy, stained, or a dramatically different color than the new color you’ve picked out, primer is a must. This step is especially necessary for all exterior paint jobs. 

    Deck with two gallons of paint.
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    Start from the top. You’ve layed out your dropcloth and taped off the trim, now what? Start by using a brush to cut in the edges of your ceiling and baseboards. Attach your roller handle to a roller extension to reach the highest points of the wall. Feel free to detach pieces of the extension as you work your way down. By working from top to bottom, you can work right over splatters and drips before they dry. 

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    Paint isn’t precious!/Be generous. If your roller is saturated enough to provide an even layer of paint, you’re doing something right. “DIYers tend to be really precious and don’t apply enough paint per coat,” Ebel says. “Then they push the roller hard onto the wall. You shouldn’t have to do that.” 

  • Above all, the most important thing is high-quality paint - not all paint is created equally. Our paints are made with the highest quality resins and pigments and optimized for easy application, especially for DIY painters. 

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