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14 Paint Colors That Will Make You Love Your Bathroom

The bathroom is arguably the easiest room to transform with paint. Even if you are working with elements you can’t change, like the size of the room, the fixtures, trust us when we say changing the paint color is the easiest and most affordable way to change up the bathroom. Small rooms can have a big impact—all you need is the right shade of paint and an afternoon.

QUICK TIP: For bathrooms that don’t get great ventilation and retain moisture on the walls, we generally recommend Semi-Gloss Finish in bathrooms—the elevated sheen allows for a bit more wear (such as wiping down wet walls). That said, Standard Finish can also be used for anyone looking for a semi-matte finish.

1. Paint the Cabinets

Select hero shade for cabinets to add depth and interest. Photo: @schoolhouse

SURF CAMP (a dark blue with green undertones) is bold, nuanced and pairs well with white bathroom fixtures. Used here on cabinets, the shade adds depth and interest and tells a far different color story than if the cabinets were simply painted white to match the sink.

2. Turn Up the Contrast

DISCO NAP, a light acid-yellow, plays off white tile, making for a brighter space that feels more spacious. Abigail Bell, who has a great eye for vintage interiors and objects, chose it for this “renter-friendly bathroom makeover.” If you are keeping your existing flooring, tile or bath fixtures, a change in wall color can be all you need to make the space feel new.

3. Warm Up Small Spaces With Earthy Tones

Photo: Anthony S

GHOST RANCH (a warm terracotta) is an earthy and nuanced color that seems to warm up everything around it, including ubiquitous white tile which can read cool and even a bit sterile.

QUICK TIP: The most important things in bathrooms are having paint with a good quality resin for a strong bond (we're set there!) and proper ventilation, as any paint prefers less moisture. We generally recommend Semi-Gloss Finish in bathrooms—the elevated sheen allows for a bit more wear (such as wiping down wet walls). That said, Standard Finish can also be used for anyone looking for a semi-matte finish

4. Go Graphic

Make a geometric statement with color blocking. Photo: @dmitrisbackdropiskismet

Embrace accent colors or a geometric design—the relatively small scale of the project means the work will go quickly. Dare we say, just a few hours to a new bathroom. STROMBOLI CHESS CLUB is a vibrant cornflower blue that looks fresh with shades of classic white. Together they create a horizontal line that makes the shape of the room more interesting.

5. Use Multiple Colors

Layer shape and color to add dimension. Photo: @herrera

Concentric geometric shapes (we like rectangles) are a fun approach to finding a palette of colors for a bathroom. Be inspired by a favorite shade or two, or steal this palette: from outside in, we’ve used TAN LINES (dark, strong yellow), PABLO HONEY (yellow that is warm and bright), PALO SANTO (earthy yellow beige) and at the center, MIAMI PARASOL (muted, soft yellow).

6. The Best Color? Think Pink

36 HOURS IN MARRAKESH makes a sophisticated shade that's more earthy than posey. Photo: @abigailbelvintage

Is the best bathroom color pink? Trick question (this article includes 15 shades for a reason)! If the color makes you look and feel good, it’s a winner. For that reason, shades of pink are great colors for a bathroom or powder room.

36 HOURS IN MARRAKESH is an earthy warm pink that really brings life to small spaces and looks great in all light settings. Here, it’s shown in Abigail Bell’s 1930s Miami bungalow, where it complements the home’s original tilework.

7. Barely Blushing

Warm, modern, muted. MODERN LOVE is the contemporary pink you've been searching for. Photo: @camillelenore

MODERN LOVE is a warm, muted don’t-worry-it’s-not-too-pink shade that works well in any room. We especially love it for bathrooms as a modern take on the traditional “powder room” color that also happens to warm up any skin tone. It also looks very chic with black cats.

8. Peachy

Light plays on this peachy interior. Photo: Christine H

EARTHLY DELIGHTS is a light peach that seems to change with the light. If your bathroom gets natural light from windows or a skylight, you’ll enjoy the subtle variations in shade that the sheen of semi-gloss offers. It also looks great with plants, which lend a warm, home-y vibe to the bathroom. Also nice: plants that enjoy higher humidity thrive in bathrooms.

9. Go Dark

Play up dramatic contrast. Photo: @toopuretobepink

AFTER HOURS is a soft charcoal. A bit dramatic, it can transform any space but particularly in the bathroom, where it finds contrast with fixtures like porcelain tile, showers, and sinks. Paint all the walls, or go for contrast, as shown here in this accent alcove.

10. Pure Black and Shiny

Using a pure black can elongate narrow spaces. Photo: Patricia Zhou

Pure black DARK ARTS in semi-gloss, used here on both walls and ceiling, seems to elongate the space and draw the eye to interesting elements of the room like windows, light fixtures and countertops. In fact, when you paint a small bathroom dark with our semi-gloss finish it will give an illusion that the room is bigger. DARK ARTS is on this list in part because it’s dramatic. But the semi-gloss finish, which we recommend for bathrooms for easy clean-up, picks up the light in the room and adds dimension. If you’ve ever dreamed of using black paint somewhere in your home but feel it’s too big of a statement for, say, a bedroom or home office, the bathroom could be your best bet.

11. Strike A Neutral Balance

Neutral tones offer sophistication and balance to your space. Photo: @workingholidaystudio

SAGED (muted olive green) is a neutral that strikes the balance between dark and light. Here, it contrasts with the deep wood console and black design elements like the faucet and mirror frame. If you happen to be replacing towel racks, toilet paper holders and light fixtures, remember that they should be taken into consideration when choosing your color palette.

12. Keep It Light

Classic white is a great option for small spaces or areas with little light. Photo: @blockrenovation

Shades of white are a classic choice for any room in the house. They’re particularly good if your natural light is limited or if your bathroom doesn’t have a window. Match your fixtures or choose a shade that serves a contrast with the glossy white of your sink. Whites are also great for small spaces because they tend to make the space seem larger by reflecting light.

COOLMOON is bright and cool, like the shade of white found in many porcelain bath fixtures. Together they can create a feeling of seamlessness, letting other elements in the room be the focus. There is also something calming about this match, a nice touch for this room.

13. Off-White Is The Perfect Option

Accentuate key details with a neutral shade of off-white. Photo: Pieces Homes

MOONLIGHT, a warm off-white, is a perfect neutral shade that pairs well with color accents like terrazzo tile or retro-modern flooring. If you gravitate to white walls but don’t want a stark look, this is your paint.

14. A Backdrop Favorite

Bestselling SUPERMOON works in any space. Photo: @cinquiemegaucheinteriors

SUPERMOON (a pure, bright white) is a pure, bright white. Timeless, it works well with any style, in homes of every era. (Backdrop’s co-founder Natalie Ebel chose it for her own home, built in 1922.)

Did you find your dream bathroom colors? Will you soon pick up your roller and brush? Let’s get started. Get started now.

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